How StoryBonds Works

It's as easy as 1-2-3

  • Receive personalized prompts

    Get personalized prompts from hundreds of meaningful story topics and questions that are very relevant to you delivered when and how (via app, email, text, Alexa) you want them.

  • Record your story

    Be guided to easily record well-crafted video, audio or text stories with expert guidance and coaching. Choose from suggested words, phrases and even scripted templates for entire stories.

  • Share with loved ones

    Privately share your saved story with chosen loved ones. Choose whether to share it immediately, at a scheduled future time, or on an unknown future milestone date like a wedding, child-birth or after your death.

Curate Your Stories

Stop losing treasured stories.  Deeply bond and impact loved ones!

Get Prompted with Personalized Topics

Prompts that can be customized and personalized just for you are delivered to you when, where and how you want them. Easily create and share your stories with prompts for personalized topics and reminders to keep creating deeper bonds and keep making more of a positive impact on your loved ones.
  • When

    Get them at random times or at convenient times of day that you specify. And receive them as often as you want (daily, weekly, etc) or whenever the mood strikes you! Of course, you can always record a story whenever the mood strikes you!

  • Where

    Receive your prompts via popup notifications on your mobile phone app, email and/or text messages.

  • How

    Get them randomly generated from all topics in our extensive library of questions/topics or from personalized categories that you select. Or you can always record a story on your own question/topic at anytime.

Easily Craft Stories with Step-By-Step Process

Create insightful stories on meaningful topics with personalized prompts. Story writing difficulties are eliminated with an extensive library of suggested words, phrases and even complete fill-in-the-blank templates. And if you want one-on-one coaching you can even have a real person who is a certified expert help you craft fantastic, engaging stories.
  • Illustrative Words

    Suggested words help paint the picture of your stories by stimulating their senses and evoke emotion to draw your readers/viewers into your stories as if they were walking in your shoes and experiencing it themselves.

  • Well-Written Phrases

    Taking the suggested words concept a step farther, choose from an extensive library of expertly-crafted suggested phrases for each element of your stories to help you easily craft a truly engaging and captivating story.

  • Complete Story Templates

    And to make creating your stories super easy, you can select from an extensive library of complete story templates that you can use to help you create fantastic, inspirational stories. Of course, you can always edit your stories as much as you want to be in your own “voice” and style.

With our online guidance and coaching, you will learn to tell your stories more easily, more skillfully, more enjoyably, and more often in a manner that suits who you are, how you live and whom you encounter using your own natural voice and expressive style. You will also learn how to plan, seek and recognize opportunities to tell personal tales in a manner that well serves yourself, your listeners and your causes.
By learning how to be a better storyteller, you will also be inspired to listen more dynamically to stories so that you derive more wisdom and pleasure from them, as well as gain a better sense of what you want to accomplish as a storyteller.

Share Stories Privately in Sharing Circles

Share with your
You control who sees your stories and when they see them. Create as many different Sharing Circles as you want to group your loved ones into intimate groups for certain types of stories you want to only share with the people in each of your Sharing Circles. You can also choose to share a story with multiple Sharing Circles and any combination of people that you want.
  • Yourself Only

    Reserve some stories for your eyes only. You can always share them later with others,

  • Spouse / Significant Other

    Share certain stories meant only for your spouse or significant other only with them.

  • Kids, Parents, Siblings, Etc.

    Create different Sharing Circles for different groups of family members. For example, create different Sharing Circles for your kids, for your parents, for both your parents and your kids, for your brothers and sisters, for your aunts and uncles, and any combinations of people you want.

  • Circle of Friends

    Create a Sharing Circle for a couple of best friends, one for a few good friends, and maybe another one for all of your friends. It’s entirely up to you who you share your stories with.

  • Community

    If you want to share some stories publicly with your community or the whole world, you can do that too!

Sharing Circles

Have Stories Delivered Whenever You Want

You choose when the stories you want shared are delivered to the people to whom you want them delivered. Deliver a story immediately, at a scheduled future date and time, or even at a future date and time that you don't yet know (for example, after your death or when a loved one may get married someday).
  • Immediately

    Share the story you just created right after you create it.

  • Schedule future date and time

    If you know a certain important date that’s coming up and want your story delivered at that time, simply schedule the delivery for that day and time.

  • Unknown future milestone event

    Want a story delivered at an unknown future date and time such as right after your death or when a grandchild might happen to get married someday? StoryBonds’ advanced technology can magically do that for you too!

Curate Your Stories

Stop losing treasured stories.  Deeply bond and impact loved ones!

Frequently Asked Questions

Future Delivery of Stories

  • Do you want to deliver a story to your daughter or granddaughter on the morning of her future wedding day which is currently unknown and may be some day way off in the future?
  • Do you want to deliver several stories to various people after your death when your Last Will and Testament is being read to your family?

Our advanced artificial intelligence technology will constantly be on the lookout for your designated event to occur and will wait and deliver your chosen story to the right person (or people) at the right time just as you want!  You pick the type of event that will trigger the delivery of your story, when you want it to be delivered in relation to the occurrence of that event (for example, 1 week later) and StoryBonds will deliver it right to them at just the right moment.

Do you want to deliver a story at a particular date and time that you know?  You can do that!

For example, your granddaughter is getting married on June 10th of next year and you want to send her a story then.  You can record your story and set it to be delivered to her on the morning of June 10th before the wedding or perhaps on June 11th one day after the wedding.  Simply pick the date and time for delivery and who it should be delivered to and StoryBonds will deliver it to them at just the right moment!

Making Changes to Stories

Of course! You can re-record any story as many times as you like at any time. You can scrap the story altogether by deleting it or you can delete certain parts of it, modify certain parts of it, or add new parts to it.

Yes, each story can have as many additional photos, videos, audios or typewritten texts added to the primary story as you want. In fact, we encourage you to add additional media that is relevant and adds meaningfulness to a story.

Yes! Simply type a caption when you submit a photo, video or audio. Or can always come back later and add, edit or delete or a caption.

Yes! Additional photos, videos, audios or typewritten texts can be added to a story at any time. In fact, we encourage you to add additional media that is relevant and adds meaningfulness to a story.

Privacy and Accessibiliy

  • By default, everything you do is completely private so that only you can see any of it.
  • On a story-by-story basis, you can allow access to whomever you choose to each story at any time.
  • You can revoke anyone’s access to each story at any time.
  • You can download your stories at any time.
  • Your data is secured with the highest security.


Yes, you can choose your questions and story topics from our extensive library. You can also modify those questions/topics or create your own original questions/topics. In other words, you have complete flexibility and control over the the questions and topics.

However, you will receive random questions from our library that you can choose to respond to or ignore as they are posed to you.

Of course! Each question/topic mat be declined. And instead, you can simply click a button to request that a different question/topic be posed to you. When you click the button, you will be given the following choices:

  • be given a new random question,
  • view a list of questions in our library from which you can choose the question/topic you want, or
  • create your own original question/topic.

Yes. You can skip questions permanently so that they never posed to you again by clicking the “Never Ask Me” button. Or if you simply aren’t ready for the question when you receive it, you can have as much time to respond to it as you want. So rather than permanently skipping a question that you would like to respond to later but aren’t ready for at the time that you receive it, you can simply delay it by clicking the “Ask Me Later” button to place it back in your que to be sent to you again at a later time.

Story Parameters

No. You may record your stories either as videos, audio recordings or as type-written text.

Yes! We can transcribe to text any story that is recorded in any format. To ensure the highest degree of transcription accuracy, our transcriptions are performed by real people. Therefore, we charge a fee of $2 per minute for our transcription service.

No, you can make your stories as long or as short as you want. Just keep in mind that the goal is for the story to effectively communicate its concepts and not to be a n exhaustive recitation that others may not be interested in if it is too long or too unfocused.

What StoryBonds is NOT

StoryBonds is not a counseling or therapy service.  However, the nature of the content can often produce the same types of positive outcomes that counseling and therapy provide.

StoryBonds is not a life coaching service.  However, the nature of some of the content can produce the same types of positive outcomes that life coaching provides.