Your Privacy

Peace of Mind

Your comfort and peace of mind in sharing your intimate, personal thoughts and stories is of utmost importance to us. Therefore, your control over the privacy of your content is at the top of our list of priorities.

Complete Control

To ensure that each of your stories and content is only accessible by those people whom you want to see it:

  • By default, everything you do is completely private so that only you can see any of it.

  • On a story-by-story basis, you can allow access to whomever you choose to each story at any time.

  • You can revoke anyone’s access to each story at any time.

  • You can download your stories at any time.

  • Your data is secured with the highest security.

Secure Content

To ensure that all of your content and data is stored safely and securely:

  • All stories and content are encrypted when they are stored in our secure database.

  • We never look at your stories and content unless you ask us to do so and grant us permission.

  • All of your data is securely stored on our servers, which have world-class security.

  • We only use strong, random passwords for our database and all other sensitive information.

  • Your app or web browser communicates with our server and website using industry-standard best practices and methods, including the use of the secure socket layers (SSLs) protocol.

  • All of your payments are processed through Stripe, which is a secure and fully PCI-compliant payment processor.

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