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What is StoryBonds?

StoryBonds is an inspirational platform to deeply bond with loved ones by sharing wisdom, values and generosity through a guided process of telling meaningful stories you've never thought to tell.
What you've learned is more valuable than what you've earned
Are your loved ones disconnected?

  • Are their heads buried in their phones?

  • Are their lives too busy?

  • Are some relationships strained or broken?

  • Are they slowly becoming strangers to you or to each other?

  • Are there some things you’d like to say to a loved one that you don’t want to say face-to-face?

  • Do you rarely see all of your loved ones?

  • Do you have too much clutter in your life?

  • Would you like more peace and harmony with everyone?

  • Are your parents or grandparents a bit of a mystery to you?

  • Are you physically apart from your loved ones?

Curate Your Stories

Stop losing cherished stories.  Deeply bond loved ones!

Be remembered for memories shared with loved ones
StoryBonds can help you

Telling stories of your unique experiences, life lessons, and nuggets of wisdom will give you life affirmation and a greater sense of meaning, purpose, value and direction in your own life. It will deepen your bonds with your loved ones in dramatic ways.

Sharing your stories with loved ones will create deep, lasting bonds with them. And passing all of it on to future generations will have a profound impact on them too. Family stories help all of us connect with our sense of our "multi-generational self" to better understand who we are and where we came from.

Studies have proven that you will dramatically improve your children's and their children's chances of succeeding in life by exposing them to your family's oscillating family narrative of struggles and successes. Our story prompts are specifically designed to guide you through reminiscing about all of the seven different types of family stories that have been proven to be so important to share.

You will model the behavior of your children and future generations by helping shape their values and beliefs. Your curated stories will connect your loved ones to their important family history, traditions and culture, give them guidance to navigate the ups and downs of their journey through life, inspire them to do good, and bring greater meaning and purpose to their lives.
  • Pass On Stories

    Securely preserve your treasured stories and legends and privately share them with the loved ones that you want to see them.

  • Impart Values & Beliefs

    Glean wisdom and effectively teach it experientially from the memorable, teachable moments that shape your values and belief system.

  • Instill Family Harmony

    Resolve conflicts. Foster peace. Bond family closely for generations.

  • Remember Loved Ones Well

    Be remembered well. Connect the generations. Meaningful stories, experiences, wisdom, values and generosity to enlighten and guide generations.

  • Discover Insightful Wisdom

    Vividly recount moments that shaped your life, discover insightful pearls of wisdom from them and share them to positively shape the lives of loved ones.

  • Reveal Family Values

    Your values aren’t chosen, they’re revealed in your stories.

  • Simplify Life

    Stories from loved ones provide insights that help us understand life’s complexities with guidance and direction from relatable experience and wisdom.

  • Teach Life Lessons

    Don’t let your hard-earned life lessons be lost forever. Help loved ones avoid making the same mistakes you made.

  • Continue Family Traditions

    Ensure that meaningful traditions and rituals that impart important family values and beliefs are carried on and aren’t lost forever.

  • Preserve Treasured Memories

    Curate and preserve meaningful photos, videos, audios, and writings for life’s moments that matter most.

  • Understand Each Other

    Be understood by loved ones…and understand them. Gain deep, insightful understandings of why everyone is the way they are and why they do the things they do.

  • Resolve Conflict / Mend Relationships

    Resolve conflicts and mend relationships for long-term harmony with proven communication strategies.

  • Clarify & Cultivate Generosity

    Align your passions and values with your generosity. Make a difference with an action plan that engages and deeply bonds loved ones.

Get Life Affirmation  •  Discover Purpose  •  Gain Direction

We don't just care about storytelling.

We care about you and your loved ones.

  • Thousands of families bonded deeply

  • Countless troves of wisdom, values and generosity preserved

  • Tremendous impact and value passed on

StoryBonds works for Organizations too

  • Estate Planners + Clients

  • Financial Advisors + Clients

  • Non-Profits + Donors

  • Military + Families

  • Senior Communities + Residents

  • Hospice & Palliative Care + Patients

  • Corporations + Employees

  • Prisons + Inmates

If you work with people, your organization needs StoryBonds.
Curate Your Stories

Stop losing cherished stories.  Deeply bond loved ones!

Make a positive impact on loved ones and society
It's as easy as 1-2-3

  • Receive personalized prompts

    Get relevant, personalized Story Starter™ prompts from our library of hundreds of meaningful story topics and questions you’ve never thought to ask delivered to you when and how (via email, text, and/or postal mail) you want them.

  • Record your story

    Be guided to easily record well-crafted video, audio or text stories with expert guidance and coaching. Choose from suggested words, phrases and even scripted templates for entire stories.

  • Share with loved ones

    Privately share your saved story with chosen loved ones. Choose whether to share it immediately, at a scheduled future time, or on an unknown future milestone date like a wedding, child-birth or after your death.

StoryBonds App
Inter-generational connection creates resiliency
Children who have an inter-generational connection and know family stories and values are 6 times more resilient and much better prepared to handle life's ups and downs.  They know they belong to something bigger than themselves.

Emory Center for Myth and Ritual in American Life (MARIAL)

Moral decline?

80% of Americans see moral decline.
Conservatives = 77%
Moderates = 86%
Liberals = 71%

Gallup Poll

Families are disconnected now
75 years ago, grandparents and grandkids lived down the street from each other. In our modern, global economy families are splintered and living farther and farther apart from each other.
Inter-generational connection & morals
There is a connection between loss of our 'inter-generational self' and moral decline.
We must internalize values
To live successful lives, as human beings we must internalize certain values, such as integrity, work ethic, respect for others and faith.
Stories & values aren’t shared anymore
Since World War II, children went to college, got jobs with large companies and moved away. Now children don't see grandparents often and meaningful stories and values aren't shared.
Family is your true legacy
The truest, purest and most sustainable type of legacy we each have is our family. So building a strong family tree is critically important.
Storytelling is a generational gatekeeper
Storytelling is how culture, values and life lessons were passed on for most of human history. Stories help us connect with our unrealized potential for greatness.
Heirlooms are powerful value transmitters
Throughout history, telling the stories of what heirlooms and artifacts represent to us has been used as a powerful tool to reinforce important values and traditions.
Society needs memories
"Without memory, there is no culture. Without memory, there would be no civilization, no society, no future."

Elie Wiesel

Importance of traditions has been diminished
Modern American culture has diminished the importance and value of traditions, rituals and ceremonies. These shared experiences reinforce important values at the deepest emotional level.
Transformative power of generosity
Instilling a mindset of helping others and away from self-focused thought and action has a transformative power fostering growth of positive values and virtues.
Oscillating family narrative creates happiness
If you want a happier family that will thrive for many generations to come, create, refine and retell the story of your family’s positive moments and your ability to bounce back from the difficult ones.

Emory Center for Myth and Ritual in American Life (MARIAL)

Stories provide sense of identity
Family stories provide a sense of identity through time and help children understand who they are in the world.

Emory Center for Myth and Ritual in American Life (MARIAL)

Profound benefits of stories
Those age 50+ have a new appreciation for the courage, strength, wisdom and hope found in family stories.

American Legacies Pulse Study

Importance of stories to legacies
86% of baby boomers rated family stories as the most important aspect of their legacy. Only 9% rated financial inheritance as most important.

American Legacies Pulse Study

What does success mean
"Success means doing the best we can with what we have. Success is the doing, not the getting, in the trying, not the triumph."

Zig Ziglar

We must examine life
“The unexamined life is not worth living.”


Greatest lessons come from everyday life
“We often learn the greatest lessons in simple and everyday ways.”

Pearl S. Buck

Wisdom is the food for old age
“Learning acquired in youth arrests the evil of old age; and if you understand that old age has wisdom for its food, you will so conduct yourself in youth that your old age will not lack for nourishment.”

Leonardo Da Vinci

Wisdom from childhood
“Anybody who has survived their childhood has enough information about life to last them the rest of their days.”

Flannery O’Connor

Hope from reflection & storytelling
Engaging in life reflection and storytelling during difficult times results in greater resiliency and hope.
Stories guide a purposeful and intentional life
Understanding our stories, values and passions helps us live our lives with greater purpose and intent.
Know that your life matters
We all wish to feel that our lives mattered, that we made a difference while we were here, that we leave this world with few or no regrets, and that we will be remembered favorably.
Storytelling is strongest connection
We're all storytellers.  We all live in a network of stories.  There isn't a stronger connection between people than storytelling.

Jimmy Neil Smith

Humans are a story
Human beings are a story; they are living a story and anyone open to this story is living a part - perhaps all - of themselves.

P.L. Travers

We all have a story to tell
To be a person is to have a story to tell...Within each of us there is a tribe with a complete cycle of legends and dances, songs to be sung.

Sam Keen

Story is a unique communicator
A story is a way to say something that can't be said any other way.

Flannery O'Connor

Stories give life meaning
The stories that people tell are the container that holds their world together and gives meaning to their lives.

Andrew Ramer

No substitute for stories
There is no substitute...for the story told aloud..for the living gesture that interprets human understanding.

D.M. Dooling

You stories will endure you
Tell your tales; make them true.  If they endure, so will you.

James Keller

Storytelling is essential to humanity
The sine qua non of storytelling is human mutuality, human connection, and the wish for that. When people lose those things, they lose themselves.

Robert Coles

Good stories put new life in us
A good story has the same effect on me that I suppose a good drink of whiskey has on an old toper - it puts new life in me.

Abraham Lincoln

Stories empower us, renew us and inspire change
Whenever stories are told, stillness falls.  We cease our restless frittering.  During these times of concentrated devotion to alternative realms we may reconnect with the power of creation.  Through such resting we are renewed.  Renewal inspires the courage to change.

Alida Gersie

Tales are tools for understanding our journey
The tales we cherish...are tools for making sense of our journey.

Dan Yashinsky

Stories sow rewards for listeners
To speak is to sow; to listen is to reap.

Turkish Proverb

Story makes life meaningful
A life becomes meaningful when one sees himself or herself as an actor within the context of a story.

George Howard

Stories teach us how we perceive and why we wonder
Stories knit together the realities of past and future, of dreamed and intended moments.  They teach us how we perceive and why we wonder.

Joan Halifax

We have an inbuilt need to communicate via stories
Storytelling has been called the oldest and newest of arts.  Human beings seem to have an inbuilt need to structure their world and to communicate their feelings and experiences through storying.

Ellin Greene and George Shannon

We live and die for our stories
Man is the storytelling animal par excellence.  We live for, and die for, our stories.

George Gerbner

Deepest truths are in simple stories
The deepest truth is found by means of a simple story.

Anthony de Mello

Story makes soul speak
In a constant process of creation and recreation, one transforms the other: story makes soul, and soul speaks in story.

Deena Metzger

Stories heal us
Stories heal because we become whole through them.  In the process of...discovering our story, we restore those parts of ourselves that have been scattered, hidden, suppressed, denied, distorted, forbidden.

Deena Metzger

We must tell and hear stories
The present is only a moment and the past is one long story.  Those who don't tell stories and don't hear stories live only for the moment, and that isn't enough.

I.B. Singer

Telling stories of experiences breathes new life into them
Telling someone about your experience breathes new life into it, moving it out of the inchoate swirl of unconsciousness into reality.  It takes on form, and allows us to examine it from all sides.

Mandy Aftel

We’re made of stories
Some people think we're made of flesh and blood and bones.  Scientists say we're made of atoms.  But I think we're made of stories.   When we die, that's what people remember, the stories of our lives and the stories that we told.

Ruth Stotter

We are natural born storytellers
Inside each of us is a natural-born storyteller, waiting to be released.

Robin Moore

3 essentials to a good story
There are just three essentials to a good story: humanity, a point, and the storyteller.

J. Frank Dobie

All of us have discovered life secrets
Storytelling is where we share what we've discovered, all of us have discovered a little secret about life.

Michael Cotter

Stories have been true source of education
In my life, the stories I have heard from my family, my friends, my community, and from willing strangers all over the world have been the true source of my education.  They have taught me humor, compassion, and courage.

Holly Near

Stories bond people
[F]amilies are united more by mutual stories - of love and pain and adventure - than by biology.  "Do you remember when..." bonds people together far more than shared chromosomes.  Stories are thicker than blood.

Daniel Taylor

Stories help kids figure out how they fit in
Hearing and telling stories about their own family and heritage helps kids figure out how they fit in - at home and in the world.

Holly George-Warren

You kids will sense their worthiness from your loving stories
By hearing the emblematic tales that spring from your heart and your love, your child will sense his or her own worthy being in your eyes, and perhaps sense a worthiness in the  broader sweep of the human race.

Chase Collins

Stories sum up our beliefs and principles
Without preaching or moralizing, stories sum up our beliefs and principles.  And there's no better way to communicate your family's values - whatever they may be - than to create and tell tales to your children.

Chase Collins

"What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others"

Pericles, General of Athens

"The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example."

Benjamin Disraeli

"Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones.  A legacy is etched into the minds of other and the stories they share about you."

Shannon L. Alder

“Stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, we can’t remember who we are or why we’re here.”

Sue Monk Kidd, Author of The Secret Life of Bees

“Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories. The past is never dead, it is not even past.”

William Faulkner

“We not only nurture our sacred relationships through ritual, but we are nurtured by them as well. In ritual, we move, and we are moved.”

Alison Leigh Lilly

“Storytelling gives us love and courage for life ... storytelling puts us in touch with strengths we may have forgotten, with wisdom that has failed or disappeared, and with hopes that have fallen into darkness.”

Nancy Mellon, author of Storytelling & the Art of Imagination

What makes StoryBonds so worthwhile?

The StoryBonds prompts, guidance and curation process helps you stop losing your treasured stories, hard-earned life lessons, wisdom, values, generosity, beliefs and traditions with proven processes.

StoryBonds' purposeful design, wealth of content, guided process, and expert coaching empower you and your loved ones to systematically curate, share and preserve meaningful, well-crafted stories that create deep bonds and positively impact loved ones for generations. Thousands of people deeply bond and positively impact their loved ones with our proven process and content.

How can you know if you are doing a great job of bonding your loved ones in ways that will have a positive impact now and for generations? Try out StoryBonds and find out.

We know firsthand how important it is to pass on our treasured stories, life lessons, wisdom, values, generosity, beliefs and traditions. And we know how following a fine-tuned, systematic process of curating, preserving and sharing these treasures with our loved ones can transform lives and families.

Curate Your Stories

Stop losing cherished stories.  Deeply bond loved ones!

The introspective questions along with the coaching make it easy to deeply bond with your family in transformative ways that you would never know how to do without StoryBonds!




The introspective questions along with the coaching make it easy to deeply bond with your family in transformative ways that you would never know how to do without StoryBonds!
We don't go to school to learn how to be a parent. StoryBonds easily guides and teaches me to say and do the truly meaningful things for my kids to equip them for life in ways that I never knew how to do!




We don't go to school to learn how to be a parent. StoryBonds easily guides and teaches me to say and do the truly meaningful things for my kids to equip them for life in ways that I never knew how to do!
The Interconnection of
Values, Wisdom & Generosity

Inter-Dependency of Values, Wisdom and Generosity
StoryBonds will guide you to clarify these three meaningful, interconnected pathways.
  • Articulate your values and hopes for the future

  • Convey your wisdom and life lessons

  • Align your generosity with your passions, values and wisdom

A rich life is not measured by monetary or material wealth
Reveal Values

Your values aren’t selected from a list. You don’t choose your values, they reveal themselves. Use the StoryBonds Values Revealer™ guided process to reveal your and your family's values and ensure that they are passed on to future generations.
What are your values?
Try StoryBonds to reveal them and pass them on.

Everyone has a story to tell. What's yours?

Discover Wisdom

Discover insightful nuggets of wisdom embedded in your stories with the Wisdom Wizard™ to bring clarity and life affirmation with a greater sense of meaning, value, purpose and direction in your own life.

Share your stories and the embedded wisdom discovered within them with loved ones to teach, inspire and impact them for generations.
Curate your hard-earned life lessons, knowledge and insights from a lifetime of experiences that have shaped you into being uniquely you.

Access your private, curated knowledgebase anytime in the future to help you successfully deal with life's challenges. And share it selectively with chosen loved ones to help them along their life journeys too.
Discover Wisdom in Stories
Empower your loved ones to reach their most wonderful, loving potential
Clarify & Cultivate Generosity

Use the Generosity Generator™ to remove the fog and gain a crystal clear understanding of your unique forms of generosity. Develop a clear vision and specific plan of action to live your life generously in your uniquely generous way.

Instead of just "giving for the sake of giving", align your passions and values for the most rewarding personal gratification by giving your time, talents and resources in ways in which you are personally and emotionally invested.

Every one of us can have a profound impact on the lives of others. Even if you're like most people and think you're too ordinary, not successful enough or that you lack financial assets or social status, you can have a profound impact on the lives of your loved ones.

You and your loved ones will gain meaning and value from giving your time, talents and resources to those in need within your family, friendships and community.

Passionate Generosity Generation
Create a generation of loved ones who passionately generate generosity...for generations

Be guided through actionable steps to turn aspirations and good intentions into passionate actions. Create wonderfully generous and deeply gratifying outcomes.

Use your unique generosity to deeply bond and instill purposeful and passionate generosity in loved ones and future generations.

Experience personal growth and cultivate empathy, compassion and humility. Enjoy a more purposeful and rewarding life of generosity by becoming a catalyst to give back and pay it forward.

Our guidance and coaching will empower you to do it well!

How Can You Make a Difference?

By modeling our behavior and living a generous life, we can inspire and teach others to live compassionately and experience the joy of knowing that we can each make a difference at every stage of our lives.

By transferring knowledge, inspiration and responsibilities to your loved ones and your community across generations, you not only help other people but you also reap deep gratification and priceless rewards yourself from your generosity.

Let us empower you to go beyond being charitable and create a legacy of passionate, enduring generosity.

Cultivate Generosity  •  Inspire Engagement  •  Gain Gratification
Curate Your Stories

Stop losing cherished stories.  Deeply bond loved ones!

Reminisce with Purpose ∙ Share Insightful Stories ∙ Deeply Bond Generations